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About Us

Our Story

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We are a small group of British, American and Polish friends who upon first visiting puglia reacted, "Ahhhhhhhh" . . . hence, pugliah.

We created this site to assist potential guests with direct access to our best rates . . .

and mitigate excessive 'booking or Service' fees that the large online booking sites have

begun to charge.  No booking or service fees when you book directly with us.

All of us have lived and worked internationally for over 20 years and now permanently reside in the UK, USA and in Italy.


One by one, we acquired Trulli holiday homes in and around the ostuni countryside . . .


we lovingly & sympathetically restored each house to a high standard, to ensure comfort and modern conveniences. . . 

And now, when we are unable to spend time ourselves in Italy, we enjoy sharing our bits of 'dolce vita' with visiting guests.

Thank you for visiting our homes on and we hope to see you in Puglia sometime soon.. . 

we are fairly certain you, too, will find yourselves saying "ahhhhhhhhh" . . . Pugliah!

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