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In each of our Pugliah! Newsletters, we feature one of our favourite locally produced wine picks.
You will be surprised at the quality (and price) of our Primitivo's, Negroamaro's, Nero de Troia's (reds) and likewise, Negroamaro & susumaniello's.  Our favourite white is a grape variety called 'Verdeca'

Our Wine Picks

Puglia wines, Enoteca Greco, Ostuni wine shop
Puglia wine tasting maps, olive oil tasting, Locorotondo, Carovigno, Ostuni, Martina Franca presents "CK Eats Puglia", a culinary, sensory and visual web series tour of our favourite restaurants, gelataria and other local 'finds' in Puglia, Italy. Best restaurants puglia.  Ostuni restaurants. Cisternino restaurants. Locorotondo restaurants. Martina Franca restaurants. Ceglie Messapica restaurants.
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anticaia salice salentino cantina san donaci

Cantina San Donaci's "Anticaia Salice Salentino" (red) - Manduria

Cantina San Donaci's "Anticaia" - Salice Salentino D.O.P.  Anticaia is a truly special bottle of red.  Made from Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera grapes and aged in the vineyard's ancient cellars (photo above).  Spicy, jammy and hints of herbs, look for this wine in better Enoteca's or restaurant wine lists. You can visit Cantina San Donaci's cellars or schedule a wine tasting session by calling their our office at +39 0831 681085, or by sending an e-mail to the following address:

primitivo malbec blend cantina morella manduria puglia italy
cantina morella manduria

Morella's "Primitivo malbek" (red) - Manduria

Cantina Morella - Primitivo Malbek Blend  A romantic evening would not be complete for most without a shared bottle of nice wine.  This is not a nice wine  This is a beautiful wine grown from 80 year-old vines in Manduria (near Taranto). Morella's 15% Malbek & Primitivo blend is scrumptious. The Malbek pumps up this Primitivo-based bottle for a bold, full bodied flavour that is just right for grilled meat dishes. Look for this wine on restaurant wine lists or at the Enoteca Vini di Puglia next to Ostuni's Famila Supermarket.  GPS: 40.724068, 17.585229

Buy online (USA) at: or

Buy online (UK & Europe) at:

cantina Terre Carsiche primitivo, nero di troia, verdeca, favovie
Puglia wines, Enoteca Greco, Ostuni wine shop

Cantina Terre Carsiche - Puglia

Cantina Terra Carsiche - Puglia  Easily recognisable from the distinctive label cut-outs, this range (Verdeca/white, Primitivo and Nero de Troia (reds), is one of our favourite 'everyday' wines . . . and can be found in most supermarkets or enotecas.  The "FANOVA' Primitivo DOC is exceptional.  GPS: 40.894593, 17.168661 Via Maestri del Lavoro, 6/8 Castellana Grotte

Buy online (USA) at: or

Buy online (UK & Europe) at:

Puglia wines, Enoteca Greco, Ostuni wine shop
cantina i pastini locorotondo
verso sud cantina i pastini in locorotondo

I Pastini's Verso Sud - Locorotondo

I Pastini – “Verso Sud” (‘Toward the South’) because it is in the southern most part of I Pastini's Valle d'Itria vineyard in Locorotondo that the susumaniello grapes for this bold confident red are grown.  100% Susumaniello grape.  A fab pairing for pasta or meat.  This, one of our favourites, can be found on most better restaurant wine lists (and at wine merchants aka ‘Enoteca’ such as Enoteca Greco (Piazza Matteotti, Ostuni (map).

Tastings available at their tasting room (ie ‘Cantina’) in Locorotondo.


GPS coordinates: latitude 40.730847 longitude 17.328382

I Pastini ships direct from the vineyard to UK & Europe:

Buy online (USA) at:

Lirica, Produttori di Manduria, primitivo, italian wine
Produttori di Manduria, wine enthusiast Top 100 wines

"Lirica" - Produttori di Manduria

“Lirica”, from cantina Produttori di Manduria, is the only Puglian bottle to make Wine Enthusiast’s "Top 100 Wines 2020” list".  Lirica’s deep ruby red colour is characteristic of this Primitivo di Manduria DOC, 100% primitivo grapes and aged a minimum of 6 months in Slavonian oak.  This cantina conducts tastings & tours. 


GPS coordinates: 40°24'22.0"N 17°38'09.3"E

Buy online (USA) at:

Produttori di Manduria, wine enthusiast Top 100 wines
Adora, Salice Salentino, puglia wines

"Adora" - Produttori di Manduria

“Adora” (Salice Salentino DOC Riserva) also from cantina Produttori di Manduria, (can you tell, it's our newest favourite cantina!) is a Negroamaro 85% - Malvasia Nera 15% blend aged 6 months in Slavonian oak barriques.  Bold full flavour with nodes of dark cherry, spices and tobacco.  Perfect for dinners indoors in Autumn, Winter and Spring. .  This cantina conducts tastings & tours. 


GPS coordinates: 40°24'22.0"N 17°38'09.3"E

Buy online (USA) at:

Puglia wines, Enoteca Greco, Ostuni wine shop
castello-monaci LOGO.jpg
Kreos Bottle Masked.png

"Kreos" - Castello Manaci

“Kreos” (Negroamaro) is Castello Monaci’s only rosé, recalls the Greek myth of Eos, goddess of the dawn, called “the rosy-fingered goddess” by Homer due to the visual effect of the sky at sunrise.  Made from Negroamaro grapes for a smooth, drinkable taste . . . and beautiful sunrise colour.  This cantina conducts tastings & tours. 


GPS coordinates: 40.38883151506721, 17.879517126141394

Buy online at:

Miranto, Montemarcuccio
Miranto, Montemarcuccio
Puglia wines, Enoteca Greco, Ostuni wine shop

"Miranto" - Montemarcuccio

“Miranto” (Ottavianello, rosé) - Montemaruccio, from nearby Cisternino, is a rare, 100% ottavianello, 100% delicious! This black grape variety was first brought to Puglia towards the end of the 19th century, in particular to San Vito dei Normanni, by the Marquis of Bugnano, from the municipality of Ottaviano (Naples). Served at restaurant MoMo in Savelletri.


Available at Enoteca Greco (Ostuni) - Map >>


Buy online from vinter at:

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