In each of our Pugliah! Newsletters, we feature one of our favourite locally produced wine picks.
You will be surprised at the quality (and price) of our Primitivo's, Negroamaro's, Nero de Troia's (reds) and likewise, Negroamaro & susumaniello's.  Our favourite white is a grape variety called 'Verdeca'

Our Wine Picks

I Pastini - Locorotondo

I Pastini – “Le Rotaie” (‘The Rails’) a delicate pink Rosé - named after the location of the vines that are crossed from north to south by the local railway near Locorotondo. 100% Susumaniello. This, one of our favourites, can be found on most better restaurant wine lists (and at wine merchants aka ‘Enoteca’ such as Enoteca Greco (Piazza Matteotti, Ostuni (map). I Pastini’s 'Le Rotaie' won a Bronze Medal at the Global Rose Masters competition in 2018.  Tastings available at their tasting room (ie ‘Cantina’) in Locorotondo.


GPS coordinates: latitude 40.730847 longitude 17.328382

Buy online (USA) at:

UPAL - Cisternino

UPAL - Founded in 1958 this farmers’ cooperative wine making operation produces some of the best quality value-for-money wines in the area. You can visit UPAL  their cantina in CIsternino where the production of wine made locally from the Valle d’Itria can be tasted (and purchased) in their tasting room.

Sarolo Wines - Martina Franca

Tenuto Santoro / Sarolo Wines is located in the countryside outside of Ostuni, about mid-way to Martina Franca. In addition to tastings and sales, Tenuto Santoro has a lovely wine bar with outside seating to enjoy a glass with local apperitvi overlooking the vineyards.


SAROLO Susamaniello (red) - red jammy notes to the nose with an excellent long finish.


Tenuta Santoro C.da Foggia di Sauro, Ostuni (BR) - Tel. 080 4395413

Ionis Negroamaro (red) - Martina Franca

IONIS Negroamaro (red) - packed with bold berry tones and a more robust finish than most Primativo.  Try their Verdeca as well.  Serve very chilled.

Cantina Ionis  via Alcide de Gasperi 84/A74015 Martina Franca (TA)

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Carpentiere / Nero di Troia (red) -    Castel del Monte

Cantine Carpentiere's "Pietra dei Lupi Castel del Monte Nero di Troia" - – 'Nero di Troia' (ask a local for the translation . . . we are too modest to provide you with it here as it may offend), from the Troia grapes near Caroto is a very robust and full-flavoured red variety, supremely elegant, and fresh-tasting with its tannins, aged in 7.5 hl Slavonian oak casks. It has become our one of our favoutite 'dining out' wines. In Ostuni, the place you will always find it is Coffee & More, located on the main piazza, Piazza Liberta.

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Antico Palmento's "Chiodi di Garafano" (red) - Manduria

Antico Palmento's "Chiodi di Garafano" - Primitivo di Manduria D.O.C.  This small family-run vineyard produces less than 5,000 bottles per year and is not-to-be missed. Their Chiodi di Garafano is a dark, ruby red . . . with bold scents of red berries, sweet spices and marzipan.  You can find it at Enoteca Grieco in Piazza Matteoti Ostuni.  Or plan ahead and visit their tasting room but you must book

Cantina San Donaci's "Anticaia Salice Salentino" (red) - Manduria

Cantina San Donaci's "Anticaia" - Salice Salentino D.O.P.  Anticaia is a truly special bottle of red.  Made from Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera grapes and aged in the vineyard's ancient cellars (photo above).  Spicy, jammy and hints of herbs, look for this wine in better Enoteca's or restaurant wine lists. You can visit Cantina San Donaci's cellars or schedule a wine tasting session by calling their our office at +39 0831 681085, or by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Morella's "Primitivo malbek" (red) - Manduria

Cantina San Donaci's "Anticaia" - Manduria  A romantic evening would not be complete for most without a shared bottle of nice wine.  This is not a nice wine  This is a beautiful wine grown from 80 year-old vines in Manduria (near Taranto). Morella's 15% Malbek & Primitivo blend is scrumptious. The Malbek pumps up this Primitivo-based bottle for a bold, full bodied flavour that is just right for grilled meat dishes. Look for this wine on restaurant wine lists or at the Enoteca Vini di Puglia next to Ostuni's Famila Supermarket.  GPS: 40.724068, 17.585229

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Cantina Terre Carsiche - Puglia

Cantina Terra Carsiche - Puglia  Easily recognisable from the distinctive label cut-outs, this range (Verdeca/white, Primitivo and Nero de Troia (reds), is one of our favourite 'everyday' wines . . . and can be found in most supermarkets or enotecas.  The "FANOVA' Primitivo DOC is exceptional.  GPS: 40.894593, 17.168661 Via Maestri del Lavoro, 6/8 Castellana Grotte

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