Lunch or light dinners.  Tasting platters, sandwiches, pizza.  Note: during the summer, pizza is usually eaten in the evenings and you will find it difficult to find pizza at lunchtime. 

Lite Fare Restaurants

Click on any logo for restaurant website and additional information
Coffee & More  (Ostuni - Centro Storico)
Il Posto Affianco (Ostuni - Centro Storico
White Beach Club (Torre Canne)
Mezzo Fanti (Cisternino - Centro Storico)
Nepenta (Ostuni - Piazza Mateotti)
Badia (Ostuni)
Tito Schipa (Ostuni)
Il Gatto Rosso (Ostuni)
Bar Fod (Cisternino -  Centro Storico)
+44 779 626 1313

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