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"CK Discovers 'Aperitivo' " @ Nepenta Food & Beverage in Ostuni

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CK Eats laganari @Osteria Don Chisciotte in Ostuni

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Aperitivo.  What’s aperitivo?  Is it a starter? Is it an ‘afters’? In this episode, CK answers this question on a glorious sunny afternoon at Nepenta Food & Beverage in Ostuni.


Watch CK’s gastronomical ‘tour de force’ through this time-tested Italian tradition of cold and hot aperitivo platters.  Aperitivo?  Then it must also involve an Aperol Spritz!  Enjoy.


Nepenta Food & Beverage ( is located at Piazza Matteotti, 38

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EPS5 CK Eats Key Frame 3.jpg

CK Eats gelato @Dolce Momenti in Ostuni

EPS3 CK Eats Key Frame.jpg

CK Eats 'aperitivo' 

@Nepenta Food & Beverage in Ostuni

CK 'wine tastes', not Eats 

@I Pastini in Locorotondo

CK eats Cozze (mussels), three different dishes that 'Momma' makes him at      Da Turrichio in Santa Sabina

CK eats Tagliotino pasta (primi) and Rabbit (secondi) @ Al Solito Posto (Ostuni)

More Episodes Coming Soon!

EPS7 CK Eats Key Frame 1.jpg

CK Eats crudo (raw seafood)

@Da Turicchio in Santa Sabina

EPS8 CK Eats Key Frame.jpg

CK Eats panettone in his first Christmas 'Ding Dong' Special

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