Pugliah.com presents a culinary, sensory and visual web series tour of our favourite restaurants, gelateria and other local 'finds' in Puglia, Italy.


"CK" as he is locally known, was a professional food photographer for over 40 years in London prior to retiring five years ago in Puglia. A real cockney Eastender, CK never disappoints with his local 'insider' commentary.

CK says he has "tasted some of the finest home grown food and wines I have ever tasted.  After working photographing and tasting food I would like to share some of the wonderful venues, bars, cheese makers and more from here in Puglia."


More Episodes Coming Soon!

EPS5 CK Eats Key Frame 3.jpg

CK eats Tagliolino pasta (primi) and Rabbit (secondi) @ Al Solito Posto (Ostuni)

EPS4 CK Eats Key Frame.jpg

CK 'wine tastes', not Eats 

@I Pastini in Locorotondo

EPS5 CK Eats Key Frame 2.jpg

Additional Episodes

TRAILER CK Eats Key Frame.png
EPS1 CK Eats Key Frame.png

CK Eats laganari @Osteria Don Chisciotte in Ostuni

EPS2 CK Eats Key Frame.jpg
EPS3 CK Eats Key Frame.jpg

CK Eats 'aperitivo' 

@Nepenta Food & Beverage in Ostuni

CK eats Cozze (mussels), three different dishes that 'Momma' makes him at      Da Turrichio in Santa Sabina

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Key Frame Ostuni Citta Bianca CROPPED w
TrulliVistas Aerial 1a CROPPED w Play Bu

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