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"CK eats crudo *raw seafood), a boat load full, 

@ Da Turicchio (Santa Sabina)

CK’s ship has come in . . . a boat load of raw seafood (crudo) at Da Turricchio in Santa Sabina. 


In this episode, watch CK devour this feast of langostines, oysters, mussels and more at this seaside favourite with a long tradition.

Da Turicchio:

Via Della Torre,2 (Torre Santa Sabina),

Carovigno, Puglia, Italy


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CK Eats 'aperitivo' 

@Nepenta Food & Beverage in Ostuni

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EPS7 CK Eats Key Frame 1.jpg

CK Eats crudo (raw seafood)

@Da Turicchio in Santa Sabina

More Episodes Coming Soon!

CK eats Cozze (mussels), three different dishes that 'Momma' makes him at      Da Turrichio in Santa Sabina

EPS8 CK Eats Key Frame.jpg

Additional Episodes

TRAILER CK Eats Key Frame.png
EPS1 CK Eats Key Frame.png

CK Eats laganari @Osteria Don Chisciotte in Ostuni

EPS2 CK Eats Key Frame.jpg

CK Eats gelato @Dolce Momenti in Ostuni

EPS4 CK Eats Key Frame.jpg

CK 'channels his inner Bacchus andwine tastes',

not Eats @I Pastini in Locorotondo

EPS5 CK Eats Key Frame 3.jpg

CK eats Tagliotino pasta (primi) and Rabbit (secondi) @ Al Solito Posto (Ostuni)

CK Eats panettone in his first Christmas 'Ding Dong' Special

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