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Looking for a few out-of-the-ordinary experiences for your holiday?  Here are ten off-the-beaten-track ideas whether it is your first holiday in Puglia or are one of our many returning guests each year.
Wine tasting at a 'cantina' (vineyard's tasting room)
One of our favourites cantina's to visit is Antico Palmento in Manduria, near the Ionian coast.  Antico Palmento is a small , family-run cantina producing only 5000 bottles per year.  Size does matter and in this case, small means they really roll out the hospitality when you visit.  Very nice people.  But you must book ahead:
GPS:  40.435222, 17.630501  Click here to see on GoogleMaps >>
You can view all of our favouite wine picks here >>
Bonus idea:  olive oil tasting at Frantoio D'Amico in Cisternino.  See more here >>
wine tasting in Puglia
Lecce museum, archeological dig in house featured in New York Times
Don't miss this when in Lecce!
You can't make this story up:  a man wants to open a trattoria in a small building he purchased.  The problem:  a toilet that keeps backing up.  During the excavation trying to find the source of his toilet problem the man discovers a subterranean world tracing back before the birth of Jesus and reveals centuries of Lecce's ancient history.  Now it's a fantastic and very unique museum, right in Lecce's old town centre, five minutes walk from the main piazza.
Read more about Luciano's museum in the New York Times here >>
Museum Faggiano, 56 Via Ascanio Grandi,  Lecce
GPS: 40.350342, 18.172382   Click here to see on GoogleMaps >>
The sweetest prawns you'll ever taste
'Gambero Rosso' - these are a highly prized red shrimp typical of the Ionian Sea and can be found in a variety of Puglian dishes or, even better, eaten raw.
GPS:  40.055272, 17.976633
Click here to see Gallipoli on GoogleMaps >>
Gallipoli red prawns
hiking rambline puglia, Pugliah's Off the Beaten Track in Puglia
A gentle hike to Sancturary of Sant'Oronzo for amazing views
This is a relatively easy hike through mountainside olive trees, wild flowers, herbs and trulli ruins to the Sanctuary of Sant'Oronzo, the patron saint of Ostuni. 
Incredible views from the murge down across the olive tree-filled plain to the sea.
Drive to the parking lot at Parco Archeologico e Natural di Santa (GPS: 40.748888, 17.546893), descend the dirt track for about 20 meters and enter the hiking trail / donkey track on the left.  Hike for approximately 35 min to the sanctuary.
Click here to see on GoogleMaps >>
"Never judge a book by it's cover"
We can't get enough of this delightful restaurant!
Il Cortiletto, a short drive outside of Ostuni in Speziale.
  Arrive with an appetite and don't skip the antipasta course.
  Reservation recommended.
Il Cortiletto, via Lecce, 22, Speciale (Fasano) tel: 080 481 0758

Click here to see on GoogleMaps >>
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Restaurant il Cortoletto Speziale Puglia
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Countryside built for cycling
Spring and Fall are the best seasons for cycling as temperatures remain moderate during the day.  Whether you choose to cycle sections of the dedicated 250km cycle path, the beautiful country lanes or, if an experienced cyclist, the routes to the sea and the roads that hug the coast, your eyes will hurt from the amazing beauty.
We can assist with cycle hire and routes.  View our Puglian cycling video here >>
Learn more about the dedicated cycle path here >>
Not just a beach town - Otranto
45 minute's drive down the coast from Lecce is Otranto.  Not just a beautiful beach town but also one with a fantastic but often-overlooked Old Town.
    In the Old Town's cathedral (consecrated in 1088) dazzle at one of the world's largest and oldest mosaics, which even gets a mention
in The Da Vinci Code.
GPS: 40.146088, 18.490958 

Click here to see on GoogleMaps >>
Otranto cathedral Pugliah's Off the Beaten Track in Puglia
Puglia cuisine ricci sea urchins in Pugliah's Off the Beaten Track in Puglia
'Ricci' (sea urchins) . . . go on, be adventurous!
Ricci ('sea urchins') are in season Spring and will be found in seafood restaurants on the coasts.  Eaten either raw (photo), by scooping the orange roe from inside the black spiny shell with freshly baked bread .   . . or found as an ingredient in pasta dishes (our favouite!). There is even a restaurant dedicated to the delicacy, RICCIOLANDIA in Torre Canne  GPS:  40.854639, 17.444627

Click here to see on GoogleMaps >>
Pino Pascali - Puglia's Famous
Post-war Artist
With pieces regularly exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Guggenheim in New York, you won't have to travel that far to see Pino Pascali, Puglia's famous post-war artist's work.
  Couple this with a visit to the gorgeous seaside town of Poligano a Mare, where houses cling to the cliffs waiting to drip into the Adriatic.
Museo of Contemporary Art Pino Pascali website >>
Click here to see on GoogleMaps >>
Our favourite sushi restaurant, PURO, is located in Polignano a Mare.
Find out more here>>
Polignano a Mare Pino Pascali museum in Pugliah's Off the Beaten Track in Puglia
Santa Maria al Bagno, restaurant La Pergola
Santa Maria al Bagno . . . beautiful seaside town on the Ionian coast
An exquisite day trip (2 hours) and beautiful lunch or dinner seafood spot. Restaurant "La Pergola" (open all year) serves an amazing seafood risotto, which you can order for one (which is rare).
La Pergola website:

Click here to see on GoogleMaps >>

Looking for more experiences?
Have a look at these . . . 
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